Web Hosting Services

Since web hosting companies are literally offering you the chance to use their servers in order to get your place under the Internet sun, depending on your needs, there is a pretty big scope of web hosting services. Many hosting companies are offering some basic and common services for free. For example, if you have one web page that you would like to promote, usually you will get this kind of a service for free but, if you are a large company which has a complex website that needs more serious approach when it comes to database support and application development platforms, those kinds of services are coming with a certain price. One of those services would be reseller web hosting. This allows clients to play a role of a web host, taking the responsibility of the technical support themselves as well as for the entire shared hosting plan.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a virtual dedicated server has a function of dividing server resources into single virtual servers. This way, the users can get a root access to their own virtual online space. VPS can also provide a client with server admin tasks for a particular customer.

Dedicated hosting implies that the user can get his own web server as well as root access for administrator access. This way, the user gains full control over the server. There are two types of dedicated hosting, managed and unmanaged. This only means that the user has full access but, the client takes care of maintenance and security of his own server.

Colocation and colocation web hosting

Colocation is just a type of data center that you can rent to the clients or potential customers. It is supposed to provide a client with space, cooling, power and security for the networking equipment, storage and server, and connect them also to various service providers for a fair price, quick and easy. Colocation web hosting means that the user can use the colocation server and the hosting company will take care of the server. The company will also provide the space for the server. This type of service is considered to be the most expensive but it is also considered to be the most powerful one too.

With the recent technology developments, new hosting services are emerging and one of those services is cloud hosting. It is a completely new type of a hosting platform that proved itself to be immensely efficient. Cloud hosting is directly related to cloud computing, a type of computing that is entire Internet based and it is supposed to provide processing resources and various data from shared computers to any other devices when requested to. This type of hosting service is the most popular one lately, especially with the big companies who have huge needs and demands for shared data and massive computer systems. In the everyday practice, cloud hosted websites proved to be more reliable than the alternative ones due to the ability of compensation.